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"If you want to protect your lenses from extreme conditions, this ticks all the boxes - Overall Rating 5 / 5"
- Digital Photo Magazine - January 2013 Issue 163, Gear Focus
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Bombproof. Gear. Protection. Rigid, water-proof, and shock resistant - our patented BETA Shell™ protective cases are constructed unlike any other case. Our family of protective cases are designed to provide a lifetime of unsurpassed protection to your expensive gear on any assignment. Now you can travel in the harshest conditions and the most extreme environments with complete confidence!

BETA Shell™ 1 Sheet Series Summary - Click Here

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BETA Shell­™ Family Overview.

BETA Shell­™ Series 5 explained in 120 seconds.

"During my tests, I found the cases fully lived up to all the Beta Shell claims. They were waterproof, crushproof, and bombproof. The lids are designed extremely well and were easy to take off or put on. The design of the cases is excellent and the craftsmanship is top notch. Without a doubt, Beta Shell makes professional equipment for people who require the ultimate in gear protection." - Mike Hagen's video review of BETA Shell™ - Visual Adventures, Nikonian - 09/12.

BETA Shell™ reviews -

"In order to test its ABS construction and see if it really was up to the job, we parked a Land Rover on top of it! Impressively, the BETA Shell shrugged off with no signs of serious harm other than the slightest of marks...the case itself and contents inside were completely unscathed. This case is seriously tough! OVERALL RATING 5 / 5 - Digital Photo Magazine, Issue 163 January 2013

"They work! These are cutting edge lens cases. They free you up to shoot practically anywhere you want and feel confident your lenses are protected. In short, they can end up saving you a lot more money that you pay for them...They've saved Peter's lenses on several occasions" - Peter Lik ( Exposed blog )

"Overall the Beta Shell 5 case offers extreme rugged protection against all elements at a somewhat affordable price with great quality construction and user friendliness. For what it's worth, we can highly recommend the Beta Shell 5 series of cases to anyone thinking about purchasing them for their next wild shooting adventure." - (Gadget Mac 2012)

"The rundown of the Beta Shell's specs are full of brawniness—steel screws, adhesive-blocked seams, neoprene and visco-elastic impact foam—the point being that you can drop this sucker, have it rained on, and maybe have a wolf take a chomp at it, and the delicate lens inside will stand a decent chance of survival." - - Dec. 2010

"Sometimes we need a little extra security. That's why we like the Beta Shell lens keep your best lenses safe and sound even if, perish the thought, you're forced to stow them with the luggage under the plane." - Photo District News (Jan. 2011)-

How "Bombproof" are our BETA Shell™ cases? - C.S. Muncy finds out at the military range - Click Here!

Check out GADGETMAC' s independent review - Click Here! (or simply "Google" BETA Shell review )

The ideal go-anywhere urban set-up > BETA Shell™ 5.100 & 5.140 with Chrome's Niko Bag.           Learn more about Chrome Bags at

All new - BETA Shell™ Series 5 Compact - Perfected Compact Protection is here! Now Ready to Ship!

What customers are saying...

"The Beta Shell gives me a real confidence and a sense of security, knowing that my lens investment is protected from jolts, from vibration and from moisture..."- Jason F.

"So far mine (Beta Shell™ 4.140) has kept my lenses safe while being smashed repeatedly against  the sides of a tractor; trampled by angry bulls and entrenched in tube of melted Givenchy lipstick..."- Jonna B.

"The design of the case is simple, but has a padded interior, and a screw on, rubber gasket top that manages to protect the lenses very well..." - C.S. Muncy

"I've carried my Nikon 70-300VR in my 4.220 Beta Shell case for a little over a month now. The thing is bulletproof!..What a great concept, what a great product!"
- Paul D.

"It rained 75% of the time ... lens was nice and dry until I took it out. My pack weighed about 60lbs including my camera gear so I carried the case on the outside of my pack - worked great - easy access.
"- Kurt H.

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